Limited Feature Set – Design

Limited Feature Set – Design

With any technology item, there clearly was typically a trade-off between control and convenience.

And you will actually see this trade-off utilizing the Site123 internet site builder. The capability of their design setup is excellent. It is easy, fast, and perhaps perhaps not confusing. It places your focus entirely on having your content onto the premade template by generating a curated template for you.

But right here’s the thing — it up is a pain if you don’t like the template you’re given, changing. You are very limited with Site123 if you want to go anywhere beyond the basics of design.

The font, and the general ‘feel’/structure of the design for your theme, you can edit the color.

With pages, you’ll select layouts that are certain pre-made alternatives.

You cannot replace the design. You simply cannot drag and drop. And also you definitely cannot modify the HTML and CSS, significantly less include virtually any design element.

It’s also hard and near impossible to modify the menu without changing other design elements on the internet site.

The way that is best to spell it out it really is really a ‘paint-by-numbers’ create. It’s great to truly have the rules, but should you want to do just about anything additional or away from bounds, then you’re out of fortune.

The design limitations can be crippling if your website is growing, or becoming a bigger part of your business. And unlike other internet site builders that make an effort to re solve this problem through apps, extensions, or use of the site code or HTML, there isn’t any socket for the Site123 internet site builder site.

Limited Feature Set – Technical

The limitations on design additionally bleed over into technical limits. Continue reading “Limited Feature Set – Design”